Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A photo collection of old Swedish spoons.

I've been assembling literally hundreds of Peter Galbert's calipers for the past two weeks.  The work is repetitive, which gives my mind the opportunity to wander.  It has been wandering mostly in the spoon direction.

I've been corresponding with spoon carver Paul Linden recently and he turned me on to a great visual spoon design reference.  The digitized collections of the Swedish Museums have hundreds and hundreds of photographs of wooden spoons.  You can search the collection for sked which is swedish for spoon and watch a couple of hours fly by very quickly.  This is an unbelievable reference that I have already begun to borrow from.  A big thank you to the Swedish Museums for sharing their collections this way.

As I scrolled through the images I copied the ones that I liked to share here and I ended up with over fifty.  Some of them have great form, some amazing kolrosed or chip carved designs, and some have great form and amazing carved designs.  Click on the images to make them bigger, it is worth it.  



  1. Awesome, Tim.

    Thanks for wading through and sharing some of the sweethearts of the bunch!


  2. some nice spoons there! I love these old Nordic spoons.

  3. Those are some nice ones Tim...I've seen some of those before..I can't recall but somebody posted that link..I had looked through them quick...thanks for picking through for some of the best I'll have to go back and give another look

  4. Way cool! My spoons look like garbage compared to these. Who would have guessed. Great inspiration.