Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shaving Horse Plans

I've been working with Jeff Lefkowitz to produce plans of my shaving horse as a part of Curtis Buchanan's series of plans for his Windsor chairs and they are finally available.  You can purchase them by clicking the "Buy Now" button on the right hand column of this blog or below this paragraph, the price is $30 with free domestic shipping.

Shaving Horse Plans-$30
Domestic Shipping included

The plans are printed at half scale and rolled for shipping.  Building instructions and a cut list are included.  For construction details refer to these past blog posts: Build a Better Shaving Horse, Shaving Horse Base, and Shaving Horse - The Business End or to the article that I wrote about building this shaving horse that will be coming out any day now in the newest Fine Woodworking Magazine.  The horse is quick and simple to build and is designed to be made from inexpensive construction grade lumber. 

This horse is a hybrid, combining different aspects of a few of the shaving horses of people that I learned woodworking from.  The simple base is from Curtis Buchanan and the innovative and powerful clamping mechanism is a simplified version of Carl Swennson's horse.

The most recent version, built for Fine Woodworking and drawn in the plans contains a few minor tweaks to the design to improve it's functionality.  Curtis Buchanan has also had two in hard use in his workshop for the past 4 or 5 years and he suggested a couple of changes to increase the durability.

The first woodworking I ever did was carving a spatula on a shaving horse 13 years ago.  It's been an enjoyable adventure ever since and there is still almost nothing I would rather do than spend an afternoon sitting at the shaving horse with a growing mound of shavings piling up all around me.