Sunday, May 19, 2013


Welcome to my little corner of the internet, a place for chairs, spoon carving, tools, and related woodworking experimentation.  I look forward to sharing my workshop adventures and welcome questions and comments.  More to come shortly, but for now here is a sampling of chairs that I make to start things off.


  1. Howdy Tim,
    I'm a mate of Pete's from Melbourne and I've just started following your blog.
    I've been using one of your reamers for a little while now and it works a treat (not to mention being a gorgeous object in it's own right).
    Talking of gorgeous objects, I really love the look of your chairs. Look forward to seeing more photos.
    I make windsors myself (thanks partly to Pete). Have a look if you like at
    I'm about to have a crack at some spoon carving so I was very interested to read your latest post on edge geometry for carving axes. I've just purchased a granfors bruks carving axe which came with symmetrical bevels. Would you recommend I try using it as is before having a go at regrinding?
    Cheers Tim. Keep the posts coming.
    Bern Chandley

    1. Bern,
      I'm glad you are enjoying your reamer.

      I really like the look of your slatback side chairs. They look like they would be easy to live with.

      I haven't handled one of those gransfors carving axes in a couple of years so I'm working mostly from memory and google images here. When I have used them in the past I thought they were very nice axes. I think they have nice wide bevels. As long as the bevels are 3/8" or wider I don't think I would change to an asymmetric grind. I would hollow grind the bevels though, to make them easier to hone. Alignment with the pivot stick might be a little trickier with that axe because it has so much curve at the edge. If you try it let me know what you find out.

      Thanks for your interest in the blog.


  2. Welcome Tim to the blogging world. I see Curtiss's influence in your chairs and they are beautiful. I have been privileged to take a class with Curtis and look forward to returning. I greatly enjoy using your reamer and really enjoyed using your shave horse during my class with Curtis. I look forward to following your blog.

    Ray Schwanenberger

    1. Ray,

      Thanks for the kind welcome. Curtis has been a major influence on me. I'm glad you like the reamer and the shave horse. I am planning to do a series of posts (maybe a tutorial) about my shave horse some time in the next few months.

      Great to hear from you.


  3. Tim,

    I met you in Pete's shop over the winter when you were making blanks from that beautiful Hickory on the day Pete made the that Shave horse. I love the reamer and was just last week trying to rig something up to sharpen the blade. I look forward to your blog posts, I know the content will be great.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Andy,

      Thanks for your comment and for jogging my memory about that day. That hickory was amazing, the stuff of dreams. I am enjoying writing the blog and can't wait for the next opportunity I have to write some more.

      I'm glad you found the info you needed about sharpening your reamer blade when you needed it.